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Lyons Bancorp Launches Discounted Common Stock Offering

Lyons Bancorp, Inc., the financial holding company and the parent of The Lyons National Bank, initiated a $9,958,780 common stock offering to its current common and preferred shareholders in the form of a Rights Offering on August 10th. The Company is offering up to 252,121 shares of common stock. Each shareholder is entitled to one subscription right for each 13 common shares and for each 13 shares of common stock underlying the Company’s Series “A” convertible preferred stock held as of the close of business on August 2, 2021. The Company is offering the shares at $39.50 per share, a 6% discount from the current trading price of Lyons Bancorp, Inc. common stock (stock symbol LYBC), as of the record date. Shareholders have until the close of business on September 8th to exercise their rights. In addition to their rights, the Company intends to offer any shares not sold during the Rights Offering to shareholders who fully participated in the Rights Offering through an oversubscription privilege. The Company also plans to offer any unsold shares in the Rights Offering to beneficial owners and other investors in a Supplemental Offering. Those shares are being offered at the same discounted price of $39.50. The final day to participate in the Supplemental Offering is the close of business, September 17, 2021.

“Giving our loyal shareholders an opportunity to add to their investment in Lyons Bancorp at a discounted price, is yet another way we say ‘thank you’ to the folks who have supported our growth over the past 2+ decades,” said Board Chairman Robert A. Schick. “This additional capital will help the Bank continue to grow in our current markets as well as provide us with the opportunity to enter new markets. While these are challenging times for many small businesses, of which we are one, we believe we have assembled a great leadership team and staff that will continue our growth and success for many years to come.”

Rights Offering and Supplemental Offering subscription forms are being mailed to all Lyons Bancorp common and preferred shareholders. Questions regarding the offering may be directed to Robert Schick or Carol Snook, the Company’s corporate secretary, at (315) 781-5007.